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Why Buy Handmade

Why buy handmade arts & crafts

There are many reasons to buy homemade crafts rather than those that have been mass-produced by machines or constructed in sweat-shops by women and children in foreign countries. It really is true that quality of the goods is only part of the whole product, and that a lot of the quality comes from the work that an individual puts into making it. Here are just a few of the reasons to buy handmade crafts.

The Environment: Many craft artisans use recycled goods on a regular basis. They don't throw away leftover fabric, patterns or supplies. Those who make handmade arts&crafts are aware of the environmental impact of their choices and minimize the use of harmful compounds and fossil fuels.

Small Business: A lot of the people who made handmade crafts do so because they see the effect of 'buying big.' They may live in a community that has a Wal-Mart or K-Mart that is taking over the local business. Buying homemade allows you to support the small business.

Uniqueness: Guarantee that your product is one of a kind when you buy handcrafted products. Humans don't deal in perfection. Little variations in the color or design of paint, or the uneven texture of a sanded piece simply give it a little personality.

TLC: Something you can't get from a machine is the obvious love and attention that goes into each piece. Handmade crafts have that extra touch, a smile on a doll that seems to beam across a room, a color scheme that uplifts the spirit. You can't get that with automation.

Local Economy Improvement: When you buy from a local artisan you are helping your community by infusing your money into the local revenue. In turn, the revenue that local companies gather is then put back into the community through beautifying projects, new businesses and other forms of local improvements.

Enrichment of the Human Soul: Buying homemade crafts allows you to support the human race in general, and local artists in particular. People who are being physically rewarded for their work as well as finding intellectual fulfillment through it can only pull the entire community up with them. In addition, you are helping to inspire others to try their hand at creating a product. You may even find your own ability to build or create.

Expansion of your Karmic Circle: Expanded karma for your support guarantees that someday others will support your desires and life plans.

Quest for Quality: The quality that goes into most handcrafted products are much higher than those that you would find coming from a machine. Artisans use higher quality materials because they know using a cheap alternative will only lead to more problems down the road.

Individual Success over Machination: You're teaching your children that quality doesn't necessarily come from big stores. You are showing them that the individual is just as important in the scheme of things and that sometimes passion and skill is enough to succeed at business.

Sentiment: You are more likely to keep a hand-crafted item than a mass-produced item, if only for sentiment's sake. You don't want to give away something that took so long to make and was made directly for you.

Customization: If you are working with an artisan you know what you are getting and can ask them to make something to your specifications. You can't ask a machine to make small changes like that.

And we're back to the environment. The funny thing is that none of these products will end up in a landfill simply because too many were made. You can guarantee that a mass-produced item is often over=developed, just like fixing too much food for a small family. if you make too much the food has to be thrown away. Homemade items are often crafted just for one or two customers at a time, so there is no wasting of materials.

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