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Basket-the multipurpose form of art

Posted by Marissa Hopkins on

Fabric BAsket

A basket is a type of container that was constructed traditionally from stiff fibers. These fibers were made from a variety of materials including cane, wood splints, and runners. Whereas a majority of baskets are made from plant materials, other different materials like baleen, horsehair or metal wire can also be used. Baskets are commonly woven by hand. There are those baskets that are fitted with a lid while others are left open.

A basket is a crucial product for everyone. There are different types of baskets ranging from laundry, groceries, and shopping and even fruit baskets. Baskets are mainly used for storage and transport though a few are used as sieves and others used for fishing. Besides these uses, there are some special baskets used for religious purposes and others are used as decorations.

In the case of those who transport grains and cereals, they prefer the baskets with lids while those who carry groceries prefer open baskets to maintain the freshness. Before, people struggle to carry their groceries and cereals before acquiring a basket. Transportation using the basket has been done for many centuries, and this is why the basket has stood the test of time. It is easy to carry, it is not complex to use hence anybody and everybody can use it for transportation of different kinds of items.

Obtaining the basket makes life easier in different perspectives. The baskets are not only essential when it comes to transporting stuff; they may be used for other different uses at home and even at the office. The basket can be used to hold the waste paper in the bathroom or even the office. It is also used to hold towels both dry and wet in the bathrooms and also to hold beach towels while out on the beach for a swim. A majority of people use the basket to put dirty laundry reason being they have a lattice texture that keeps the dirty laundry from smelling. That makes the baskets ideal for laundry matters.

Wooden Basket

There are other forms of baskets which fit into book cases. Hence, they are used as drawers. That increases the storage space of the cases. Other baskets are used to fit plant pots to give them a dressier look that makes your home magnificent. A basket may also be used to hold newspapers and magazines for reading or even as they wait recycling. Some others are used to keep pillows and cushions for the seats outside used for picnics and basking in the sun.

A large basket with a lid can also act as a table while others are enhanced with glass for use as trays. The basket may also be placed by the door to corral guests' shoes. During the winter, baskets may also be used to hold logs to light the fireplace. With all these different uses of the basket, it is clearly a very useful art to have in the house. Not only can the basket be used in all these ways, it can be hanged on walls to bring out a superb look for your house.

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