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Re-Purposed Goods: Why They Belong in your Home

Posted by Skye McArtor on

Melted bottle spoon rests

Spring cleaning is at an all time high right now, as people scrub their walls and discard outgrown clothing or knick-knacks that have been collecting dust all winter. It is also time for beautifying your home and surroundings. It can be harder to get rid of everything you want with a good conscious. We live in a society that is only now beginning to appreciate the environmental impact of our waste. Everything we throw away ends up in a landfill or storage facility, which shifts the refuse out of our sight but doesn't address the problem.

One way to lower our environmental impact and clear our conscience is to buy recycled or re-furbished products. Most tech stores have rebuilt computers and other electronic devices at a lower price than the same product in new condition, and they often come with a warranty.

Another way to feel better about our impact on the environment is to buy handcrafted products that have been made from recycled materials. Not only are they beautiful pieces to have around your home, they also contribute to the Feng Shui of your home. Some even say they feel a positive karmic vibe from recycled crafts.

Our recycled wine bottle trays are made from a hundred percent recycled glass wine bottles that have been melted down flat and decorated with wire and gems. The melted wine bottle tray can be used as a serving tray for cheese or Hor D'Oeuvres, or hung on the wall as a unique decoration. It can even be personalized with a wedding invitation or special announcement.

Another recycled glass product makes a tasteful outdoor decoration for families who want the suburban landscaping look but don't have the money to spend hundreds on fancy solar lighting. Hand painted Mason jar solar lights are made of recycled mason jars, handpainted and outfitted with solar panels. They can be placed down a walkway or on your front porch to produce a colorful glowing effect.

Almost any product can be re-purposed to extend its lifespan and provide you with something useful. Old milk jugs and ice cream containers make good planters, cardboard boxes make effective storage containers, and old clothes can be torn up for rags or sewn to make accessories. For an extra sentimental touch you can take scraps of old clothing that contain memories and sew them together for a unique family quilt. Our quilt artisans have a talent for producing traditional and modern design quilts and coverlets. They can also custom design a quilt to your specifications.

In a world that has fallen for the "disposable" lifestyle, it is time to conserve what we have. By finding second and sometimes third uses for products, we are acknowledging the impact of our choices and choosing to make a difference.

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